Southeastern Oklahoma State University – Master of Science in Native American Leadership Program

Native American Studies/College


The Master of Science in Native American Leadership will explore traditional and modern concepts of Indian education leadership, tribal government leadership, tribal governments, decision-making and legislation, constitutional reform, planning, economic development, community development, nation rebuilding, tribal courts, and administration and planning.

The degree provides courses related to the complexity and diversity of Native American peoples’ culture and histories, and to provide students with the knowledge to understand and assess the U.S. tribes’ unique relationships to the US government. The program encourages appreciation of the contributions of Native American peoples to the global society, providing students with an understanding of the difficulties confronting tribal nations and offers foundational knowledge to assist them in finding innovative solutions to solve those problems.

A master’s degree in Native American Leadership opens up many avenues for excellent job opportunities in a wide range of fields, in particular, tribal organizations and businesses that are owned and operated by tribal members. A student pursuing this degree will have the necessary skills to work in anything from private or non-profit business organizations to different management positions in the tribal or public sector.