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Naomi & Lois Harjo Scholarship

Scholarship Description

Joy Harjo is the primary supporter of the Naomi & Lois Harjo Scholarship. Her favorite Aunt Lois Harjo Ball and Grandmother Naomi Harjo Foster were daughters of Henry Marsey Harjo both were painters and graduated from Oklahoma City University with bachelor degrees in fine arts. Similarly, Foster and Ball were also interested in creative writing. Elsewhere, Harjo was raised with her aunt’s and grandmother’s art on the walls of her home. Her grandmother’s painting of Osceola; a copy of a famous lithograph was given to Harjo by her family. Osceola was an uncle of Samuel Checotah who was one of Foster’s and Ball’s mother Katie Monahwee’s grandfathers. Harjo also has possession of a painting by her aunt that is influenced by the Taos style of painting. Naomi Harjo Foster died relatively young of tuberculosis; Lois Harjo Ball continued painting prior to her death in Okmulgee, OK. Harjo’s grandmother died when Harjo’s father was young, but left a legacy of paintings behind; many of Foster’s and Ball’s paintings are in the collection of the Creek Council House Museum. Lois Harjo Ball was a great supporter of native arts and worked in collections at the Creek Council House Museum. This scholarship is in honor of Foster and Ball and goes to support a Muscogee (Creek) student studying in any of the fine arts including sculpture, painting, jewelry making, creative writing, music, or performance.

Amount of Scholarship Award $500.00

Purpose and Application of Funds

The purpose of this scholarship is to financially assist a Muscogee (Creek) student that might not have the financial means to further his/her education. This scholarship award can be utilized to pay for the required cost of tuition, fees, books, tools, supplies, testing or examination fees, transportation, or other incidental required cost related to the cost of the post-secondary education institution. This scholarship is to be awarded to a Muscogee (Creek) Nation student who is attending an institution of higher education, a technical or vocational trade school, and studying fine arts.

Eligibility Guidelines

1. Must be an enrolled citizen of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation.

2. Must be currently attending an institution of higher education or enrolled as a first-time entering student and studying fine arts.

3. Must demonstrate financial need.

4. Must agree to authorize the Scholarship Foundation Program to publicize the scholarship award if selected.

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Muscogee Creek Nation
Max Award 500
P.O. Box 580
Okmulgee, Ok