Mvskoke Women’s Leadership Scholarship

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The Muscogee (Creek) Nation Scholarship Foundation Program is a tribal government non-profit program qualified under Section 7871 (a) of the Internal Revenue Service Code. This status is only afforded to federally recognized tribes. All contributions to the Scholarship Foundation Program are fully tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Mvskoke Women’s Leadership Scholarship

Scholarship Description

The Mvskoke Women’s Leadership (MWL) would like to empower young Muscogee women by providing a scholarship when they are the recipient of the College Student of the Year award. MWL recognizes a Muscogee woman who is currently enrolled in a higher education, promotes the Mvskoke culture by making significant impact to the tribal community, demonstrates leadership and has exceptional community involvement.

Amount of Scholarship Award $500.00

Purpose and Application of Funds

The purpose of this scholarship is to financially assist the Mvskoke Women’s Leadership “College Student of the Year” recipient. This scholarship award can be utilized to pay for the required cost of tuition, fees, books, tools, supplies, testing or examination fees, transportation, or other incidental required cost related to the cost of the post-secondary education institution. This scholarship is to be awarded to the Mvskoke Women’s Leadership “College Student of the Year” student who is attending an institution of higher education, a technical or vocational trade school.

Eligibility Guidelines

1. Must be an enrolled citizen of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation.

2. Must be a female.

3. Must be currently attending an institution of higher education or enrolled as a first-time entering student.

4. Must be the recipient of the Mvskoke Women’s Leadership “College Student of the Year” award.

5. Must agree to authorize the Scholarship Foundation Program and the Mvskoke Women’s Leadership to publicize the scholarship award if selected.

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Muscogee Creek Nation
Max Award 500
P.O. Box 580
Okmulgee, Ok